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Winner of weekly jackpot

I didn't think I would be gaining anything other than helping the planet, but was speechless to win £500!

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I was so excited and surprised to win - I bought new plants with the money to keep in theme!

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I joined MyTrees to offset my carbon footprint. So it's amazing to win whilst helping the planet!

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Winner of weekly jackpot

I love MyTrees! It's already paid for itself and I feel good about it.

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Winner of weekly jackpot

My biggest win ever! I didn't join to win money back, so going to spend it on planting more trees!

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Why we love winning

At MyTrees, we believe in showing gratitude for acts of kindness. Giving our supporters the chance to win prizes every week, is our way of saying thank you for doing your bit.